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Promoting a value-based education


The values and attitudes we live by affect how we relate to other people and so are a major influence on our current and future lives. Values provide the criteria by which we decide whether something is good or bad, right or wrong. Attitudes predispose our response to people and events. By educating in values, we are providing a gift for a lifetime: a recipe for successfully tracing an ethical path through life. At SEK, we promote the use of values as we cover all aspects of the school curriculum. Nevertheless, sometimes it’s good to make a stop along the way for some deep thinking about values.

Last week, we celebrated St. Valentine’s day. The celebration provided the perfect opportunity to consider the importance of human values and attitudes. It was a day for sharing experiences with students of different ages. We organized group activities, games, workshops, altered learning routines as well as the cafeteria dynamics. Through these activities, we created a facilitative approach whereby values such as empathy, collaboration, tolerance and honesty were highlighted. We created an environment where students experienced a sense of unity and applied positive values in context. Days like these are effective and meaningful days for communication that certainly have an impact beyond the school gates.


Raimon Salazar Bonet

Head of School


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